Successful Retirement: What’s Hope Got To Do With It?

Successful Retirement: What’s Hope Got To Do With It?

What are you expecting in your retirement?  Consider how you answer this.  Your response will give an indication of how satisfying your life will probably be.  There’s more. How happy are you now?  Your answer is also an indicator of your future happiness in retirement.


The Difference Your Outlook Makes

Do you see your retirement as a time of promise and new beginnings?  Or are you afraid of what the future will bring? Your expected satisfaction in life is one of 15 factors for retirement success that Dr. Johnson, a leading expert on gerontology and adult development has identified from his 30+ years of practice and research.

“The self-fulfilling prophecy principle is real – act accordingly.” —Dr. Richard Johnson


There is a correlation between what you expect and what you’ll experience in your future, between how happy you are now and how happy you will be in the future.  When we see a future life of contentment, “we gain a sense of personal relief today”.

However, when we are apprehensive and worry about the world around us and what will come, we succumb to a life hampered with anxiety and uneasiness.  We are continuously on the lookout for the next threat that will trouble us.  This outlook robs us of our happiness today and gradually builds an isolating wall of fear around us.


 What’s the Secret to a Positive Mental Attitude (PMA)?

Optimism and enthusiasm.  And what drives these endearing attitudes?  You guessed it.  Hope.

“Hope is the power which gives us confidence about tomorrow, an assurance that eventually things will be OK, a security that all is well.”


Hope is experienced in different ways and at different levels by different people.  For some, it is the belief that there is more good in the world than bad, and that the good will prevail.  Others experience hope at a spiritual level and have faith in the wisdom and guidance of a higher power.  “A positive mental attitude comes from hope in oneself and the human spirit.”

 “When we can rise to some level of hope in our own future, we can multiply our happiness today.”


Hone Hope’s Motivating Powers

I am usually an optimistic and enthusiastic person, yet sometimes I do feel the weight of the world.  When I focus on all the bad news to which we are constantly exposed, or look at the damage we continue to inflict on our planet, I can feel a level of hopelessness and resignation.  My outlook of our future becomes dim.   I want to retreat.

But, when I watch a Ted Talk led by a smart, engaged scientist explaining his or her solution to a world problem, I am relieved and reminded of the good in the world.  My hope is restored.  And with that hope, I am motivated to get out there and enjoy the world and the gifts of the day.

“What you focus on, grows.”


When you start to worry about the future, remind yourself of all the good around you.  Build your hope quotient and you will be happier today and in retirement.

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