Is Your Attitude Toward Retirement Outdated?

Is Your Attitude Toward Retirement Outdated?

There’s a shift happening in the world of retirement.  This shift is challenging prevailing attitudes and stereotypes of the retiree and retirement life.  Are you riding the new wave or is your attitude holding you back?


Who’s Your Model?

Our attitude toward retirement is likely formed by how others close to us experienced retirement.  Perhaps they were your parents, or co-workers, or an adventurous aunt.  What behaviour did they model?  Were they active, involved, and engaged with life?  Or, perhaps their experience was unappealing to you?

My dad took his retirement in stride.  He got involved in community affairs, launched a part-time consulting gig, took on new hobbies, planned interesting RV trips every year – some with his grandchildren, stayed physically active, and joined social circles like the ‘Lunch Bunch” of like-minded retirees. His example shapes my attitude.  (At 85, he’s still active, healthy and involved.)

Find an inspiring retirement mentor


Even if the retirees you knew had a so-so experience, it doesn’t mean you will.  Seek out a mentor that embraces retirement with purpose, vitality and zest and see how your attitude adjusts!  Need some examples? Check out Marlene’s story of big changes,  Dave’s story of athletic passion, this couple’s sail-away retirement, how this couple manages lots of together time and how P-Y builds relevancy in his retirement.


Maturation vs. Ageism

Research ‘retirement’ on Google and you will be faced with a list of sites offering either retirement residences, financial planning, or senior healthcare. Not very exciting.  What’s the subliminal message and underlying stereotype?  Do you buy into this perception of retirement?

The new retirement isn’t about getting old, its about an enriching maturation.


Retirees on the new wave don’t see retirement as a time of decline, but as a time for personal development and growth.  They are seeking deeper meaning in their lives and connecting with their real selves.  Retirement, in their view, isn’t about withdrawal, it’s about involvement. This new attitude is bucking the feeble elderly image and marketers and society haven’t kept up.  Have you?


Change Your Attitude, Change Your Life

Having a positive, insightful attitude about retirement is one of the 15 retirement success factors, identified by Dr. Richard Johnson of Retirement Options. In fact, attitudes and perceptions are key elements in many of his retirement readiness competencies. Your attitudes and beliefs shape your perceptions, thinking, feelings, decisions and ultimately actions. I am hoping that my blog will help change perceptions and attitudes towards retirement.  Follow along if you like!

“Attitude is the mother of all behaviours” Dr. Richard Johnson


Think retirement will be boring?  Keep believing that and you will be right.  Want a great retirement?  Do an attitude check.  What images of retirement dance in your head?  Who do you think of, when you think of retirement life?  Not liking what you see? Change the channel, change your attitude.  Seek out a positive retirement role model, and erase outdated stereotypes.  Yes, the glass is half full!

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