The average age of first retirement is 57.8 years.  Our current average life expectancy in Canada is 82.8 years and this is forecast to increase.  This means retirement could be the longest phase of your life, nearly 30 years or more!  How do you navigate this important transition to the next3rd of your life successfully? What does it take to enjoy your life’s third act fully, purposefully and with zest?

Purposeful mid-lifers and progressive organizations can benefit from Next3rd retirement circles, speaking and workshop services to facilitate a successful transition to life’s third act.


Next3rd Retirement Circles

In small groups and a comfortable setting, Kris, an experienced facilitator, initiates the relevant conversations on the topic of retirement life for people seeking guidance in developing their own Next3rd path. Participants complete an insightful and accurate retirement readiness or retirement preference assessment in advance. Accompanying e-books providing valuable context to the assessments.

Together, we explore key avenues to successful retirement, and develop a practical  life plan to help you move into your next3rd that is best for you through a series of circles.  Kris will keep the conversation on track and encourage shared wisdom of the group.  You will have a deeper understanding of  what it takes to ensure a successful, fulfilling and vibrant third act of life and how to avoid the pitfalls of an unhappy retirement. You’ll walk away with your first edition of your retirement life plan, tips on how to keep it relevant and live and a better understanding of your preferred next3rd!


Workshops and Presentations

Depression is the number one mental malady of retirement.  Dr. Richard P. Johnson

There’s more to preparing for retirement than financial planning.  Workshop participants gain insight into their own unique retirement needs and preferences using a perceptive assessment. They develop a greater understanding of what creates retirement and life satisfaction and bust a few myths about retirement as well.  Important lifestyle choices for retirement are be explored to help  participants make the right decisions and create a retirement that becomes the best time of their lives.

Discover how to reorient your professional life, engage your purpose and fulfill your life’s dreams. Kristine is a certified group facilitator and Advanced Toastmaster and leads groups through engaging, genuine and a thought-provoking new look at retirement.

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